Galudi Bridge

Galudi Bridge, which is around 5km from UCIL colony towards Musabani. This bridge is the largest bridge/stop dam on Subarnarekha River. River Gudru, which is an important tributary of Subernarekha meets with it here.

Subarnarekha River

Subarnarekha River (also called Swarnarekha River) flows through the Indian states of Jharkhand, West Bengal and Odisha.Its located in the heart of Ghatsila.

Ghatsila Rankini Bari

Rankini Kali Temple of Ghatsila was constructed to worship to Kalimata, which is known as “Rankini Mata”. According to past stories Narabali was done in the temple of Ghatsila. Rankini Devi is very popular among the local people and they believe the power and influence of the deity Maa Rankini.